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flutist. poet. author. educator.
working at the intersection of creativity & humanization

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The denial of, or refusal to acknowledge, the full, inherent, and profound humanness of oneself or others.


The acknowledgment, acceptance, and celebration of the full, inherent, and profound humanness of oneself and others.

The systems within which we all operate actively program us to be complicit in our own dehumanization.


When we dehumanize ourselves, we become more liable to participate in the dehumanization of others. We become manipulable.

When we actively re-humanize ourselves, we become more empowered to see everyone’s humanity and much harder to convince to be complicit in violent systems.


It is time for artists to find our way home to our own humanity.

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As a multidisciplinary artist and an advocate for the importance of creativity, I am passionate about infusing our full humanity into the creative practice. We live in a society that is hellbent on separating us from our humanity. To me, the creative practice is both a spiritual and a liberation practice that helps reconnect us with our own humanity. I explore this implicitly in my music and writing and explicitly in my work with artists and creatives. I believe that art is essential, that all people are inherently creative, and that artists have a crucial role to play in dismantling violent systems and co-creating a more beautiful world.

Whether you're here to listen to some flute, buy a poem or book, hire me for your speaker series, or just get to know my creative spirit, I'm so very grateful that you're here.

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Zoe Sorrell Star Background.png


"Sorrell’s work in My Own Route is so remarkable because it reclaims without compromising, while she uses the tools of oppression and sublimation to present a stunning, cohesive piece that attests to her incredible gifts and overwhelming intellect." -Pittsburgh In The Round

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