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Supported Self-Inquiry for Artists & Educators

What would it feel like to bring your whole self into the classroom, studio, or office?

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I support teaching and performing artists in embodying their entire humanity in their work. This is a lifelong practice of replacing compartmentalization, perfectionism, and individualism with integrity, radical acceptance, and community care.

What is supported self-inquiry?

Supported self-inquiry is a type of coaching in which I guide you as you get curious about yourself. I trust you to be the ultimate authority of your own experience. Rather than give you directives or answers, I will pose questions that we can explore together. Rather than purport myself as an authority figure, I will offer gentle invitations into the process. Supported self-inquiry is not therapy. It is a type of coaching that is built on a foundation of reciprocity, trust, and dignity.

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During our time together, we might explore:

  • Core values

  • Identities and lived experience

  • Career goals and frustrations

  • Ethics, morals, and collective responsibilities

  • White supremacy culture

  • Zones of genius

  • Oppression and discrimination in the workplace

  • Communities

  • Wellness practices

  • Dreams for a better world

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How does it work?

1: Create Community

During a preliminary session, we will first create community by getting to know one another and beginning to build mutual trust.

2: Explore Goals

I will then ask you questions about what you hope to explore in our time together and what your biggest obstacles are.

3: Create Plan

Finally, we will collaborate to create a coaching plan that meets your personal, professional, and budgetary needs.

How much does it cost?

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I offer all of my work on a sliding scale basis and I trust my clients to engage with me in the reciprocity that feels right to them. Preliminary coaching sessions last for one hour, are offered on a sliding scale between $50-120, and require a $25 deposit upon booking. I believe in transparency around money and am always happy to share the reasoning behind my fees. If cost is a significant barrier to working with me, please reach out.

What if I’d like to work with you but 1-on-1 coaching isn’t my style?

I love group learning and offer several ways to engage with me in a group setting. You are invited to attend any of my workshops or yoga classes or to join the Patreon community, where we ask tough questions about the intersection of community care, humanization, and the arts. I’ll also be launching Wholehearted Artistry, a cohort of self-inquirers committed to the pursuit of collective liberation through education and imagination, in the spring of 2023, so stay tuned if that sounds like you.

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