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Zoe Sorrell Flutist


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This is where I’m supposed to put your “pain point.”

But that goes against everything I believe in

I am here to help you reclaim your humanity, and I won’t do that by furthering your dehumanization. 

Your pain is something to honor, not something to exploit for a sale. I will never use your pain points to convince you to work with me.


Here are some other things that won’t happen when you work with me:

  • We won’t pretend that art and creative work exist in a vacuum outside of society.

  • We won’t “overcome people’s objections” (*cough* anti-consent culture *cough*).

  • We won’t pretend that human beings only do one thing and can be defined by a “niche.”

  • We won’t treat the arts like a luxury.

  • We won’t pretend like living in this world isn’t so very hard and traumatizing.

We live in a society that is hellbent on dehumanizing us.

But we don’t have to participate

Zoe Sorrell

The systems within which we all operate actively program us to be complicit in our own dehumanization.


When we dehumanize ourselves, we become more liable to participate in the dehumanization of others. We become manipulable.


When we actively re-humanize ourselves, we become more empowered to see everyone’s humanity and much harder to convince to be complicit in violent systems.

I am here to support you in the work of re-humanizing yourself. 

I offer two ways to work with me in this capacity:


I am available to give presentations and workshops regarding re-humanization in the arts. I am particularly interested in working with people who have been racialized as white and are ready to bravely confront the ways that whiteness has influenced our creative practices. I am passionate about the ways that classical music culture imbues us with scarcity, urgency, and individualism, and the ways that we can begin to re-humanize ourselves and others. I bring experience as a classical music performer and educator, yoga and embodiment instructor, and white affinity facilitator to these workshops. 

Zoe Sorrell

The following workshops are pre-packaged and ready to go:

  • Creative Liberation: Making Art While the World Burns: Designed for artists and creatives who want to bravely explore the positioning of our work in the context of late-stage racialized capitalism with a focus on how we can re-humanize ourselves and others. A deep dive for all creatives. 

  • Re-humanization in the Music Studio: How can we bring back a celebration of the full, inherent, and undeniable humanness of music teachers, students, and practitioners in the face of constant dehumanization? Geared towards music educators who wish to create humane classrooms and studios.

  • The Young Musicians’ Guide to Professional Development: A humane approach to the extramusical skills, such as branding, social media, and networking, that will empower young musicians to build creative lives that matter to them and their communities. Designed for middle and high school musicians.

  • The Art of Musical Storytelling: How can we apply the principles of great storytelling to the way we interpret and perform a piece of music? Perfect for college studio classes.

Don’t quite see what you’re looking for? Depending on budget and timeline, I am happy to craft a workshop just for your group or community.

Music Lessons

Zoe Sorrell

I teach a large studio of flute and piano students and I occasionally have openings for new ongoing students. However, I always offer a la carte lessons for musicians of any instrument who wish to explore re-humanization in the practice room. We will explore your inner monologue while practicing, the role of nervous system regulation, and how you can craft an approach to practicing that is clear, kind, and humane.

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