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Zoe Sorrell Portfolio


I am available to hire as a flutist, writer, and public speaker. I would love to:

  • Put together a unique and creative program for your recital series.

  • Write a custom poem for you to give to a loved one.

  • Plan a lecture or workshop for your students or community.

Browse the following samples to get a sense of my creative style. 



My Syrinx Project tells stories of mythological women through contemporary feminist lenses. The project begins with Debussy’s iconic flute solo and then progresses through a series of works that I have commissioned. This project allows me to combine my musicianship and storytelling with my strong convictions regarding social justice.

I am a new music specialist. This is a piece I commissioned from composer Daniel Felsenfeld, titled I am Not the Product.

I am also available to play historically informed performances on the Baroque flute.

I am also actively seeking additional performance opportunities for the Aridoamerica Flute Concerto, which I commissioned from composer Marina Lopez. Aridoamerica confronts the US-Mexico border and how it affects the lives of people on both sides, scarring a region that has historically and anthropologically been a single unit until recently. 



As a poet, I investigate paradox, cyclicality, gender, and the natural world.

South Up Globes was commissioned by Taylor Irelan for the Queer Artist Collective (QUAC). It explores themes of queerness, arbitrariness, and language.

Gladis explores legacies of female pain.

You can purchase my poetry in my shop.

I also open submissions for custom poems twice a year in the spring and fall. Join my mailing list to be notified when these submissions open. 

Follow me on TikTok @ flutesandpoems to hear me read my poems.

Public Speaker


I am available to give presentations and workshops regarding re-humanization in the arts. I am especially interested in working with people who have been racialized as white and are ready to bravely confront the ways that whiteness has influenced our creative practices. I am passionate about the ways that classical music culture imbues us with scarcity, urgency, and individualism, and the ways that we can begin to re-humanize ourselves and others. 

Here is a short excerpt from my June 2023 workshop titled Creative Liberation: Making Art While the World Burns.

And here is a short excerpt from my 2021 online series about Storytelling as Meaning Making.

Looking to hire me as a speaker or workshop facilitator?

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