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Yoga for All

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I believe deeply in embodiment and I reject our culture's emphasis on living in our thoughts and our minds. Yoga for me is the way that I find my way back to myself and it's a practice that happens both on and off of a mat. I am deeply grateful to have received my antiracist raja YTT 200 from YogaRoots on Location and Felicia Savage Friedman.

What is taking a class with me like?

I guide very gentle and slow classes that are geared towards all bodies. Generally, my classes have a theme based on the time of year and what might be taking place in our greater cultural context; this theme gently informs the meditations and movements that I offer. I honor your inherent wisdom and I believe that you know your body and its need better than I ever could. Together, we will hold space to nurture and listen to ourselves.

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How much does it cost?

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I offer all of my work on a sliding scale basis and I trust my clients to engage with me in the reciprocity that feels right to them. I am currently offering once monthly group classes at $15 and 1-on-1 private yoga sessions at $50. I believe in transparency around money and am always happy to share the reasoning behind my fees. If cost is a significant barrier to working with me, please reach out.

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