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Creative Liberation:

Making Art While the World Burns

Feeling uncomfortable about being an artist when the world seems to need our activism more than ever before? Let's talk about it.


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In this workshop, artists and creatives will explore the role of creativity in healing and liberation, how systems of dehumanization manifest in the creative process, and antidotes that will re-humanize artists and their communities.

This workshop is for you if:

  • you're tired of pretending that art is separate from activism.

  • you've ever seen someone loudly and proudly making their art and felt resentful, like don't they know everything is awful? 

  • you have a suspicion that the work you're doing is important but you struggle to verbalize why or justify your work to other people.

  • you feel irresponsible, guilty, or shameful about working in the arts right now.

  • you crave being in community with other artists who talk openly about white supremacy culture, capitalism, patriarchy, ableism, and other systems of dehumanization.

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Topics we will explore

  • Dehumanization & re-humanization

  • Disembodiment & embodiment

  • The difference between selling & capitalism

  • How white supremacy culture affects creativity

  • Why art is essential to liberation

  • Ethical perfectionism

  • Antidotes to de-humanization

  • Why art is always political

  • Creativity as an inequitable resource

  • The importance of ritual

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Other reasons to attend:


We will open our space with an invitation to come into your body, and we will continuously remember to include our bodies in the conversation. No more Zoom disembodiment.


We cannot talk about the humanization of creative work without speaking frankly about the systems that have dehumanized us to begin with. This workshop will directly explore white supremacy culture, patriarchy, capitalism, and ableism as the violent systems they are, and the role that creatives must play in dismantling them.


We will close our space with a ritual to help us mark our time together and honor the shifts that have taken place.

How much does it cost?

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The cost of the workshop is $30. However, as always with my work, if you'd like to attend but the cost is prohibitive, please reach out and we can arrange an alternate cost or exchange. And if you are well resourced and would like to pay for someone else's participation, please reach out and I'd be happy to set that up as well.


Thanks for submitting!

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