Zoe Sorrell believes passionately that American arts education as it stands now does not set graduates up  for success as multifaceted 21st century artists. She has been an advocate for entrepreneurship programs in music schools and coaches individual classical musicians on the skills needed to succeed outside of the practice room. Zoe has been a guest lecturer on these topics at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Sunburst School of Music, the Cello Fury Rock Camp, and many chamber music camps, high schools, and universities. Zoe is proud to offer the following group workshops to fill in the gaps in traditional arts training.

If you’re interested in individual one-on-one coaching, you can learn more and apply here.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Length: 60-90 minutes

Best for ages 10-18

This workshop is designed to introduce students to the concept of entrepreneurship and the skills necessary to build and design their own career. The workshop is divided into four sections, covering branding, networking, social media, and tools for personal reflection and betterment. Students will be empowered to recognize and leverage their own strengths and will participate in group activities such as creating personal logos and mottos, researching social media networks, and creating networking spreadsheets. Participants leave with a better sense of the non-musical skills they should develop whether they choose to pursue musical careers or not.

Community-Oriented Musicianship

Length: 90 minutes

Best for ages 16+

How can we as classical musicians acknowledge our genre’s historical foundation in oppression and exclusion while still continuing to perform the beautiful music that emerged from that history? How can we transparently consider and acknowledge our own identity and the identities of those we represent and include on the concert stage or in the classroom? For Zoe, the answer to these questions begins with making sure that we are community-oriented in everything that we do. During this workshop, participants will be guided in defining their own spheres of influence and considering how best to serve and engage those communities in a responsible way. Participants will be empowered to recognize and leverage their own voice and influence within their community, and as a group, we will create community profiles, mission and purpose statements, and networking/relationship spreadsheets. Participants leave with a better sense of the communities they belong to and their place within them.

Musical Storytelling

Length: 60-90 minutes

Best for ages 14+

For students so busy exploring the whats and the hows of making music, the whys can sometimes get lost. What makes every musical performance special and unique? What makes your voice the most qualified interpreter of your performance? In this workshop, we will explore how common storytelling techniques and tropes can take music performances to the next level. Zoe will take participants through the 4-step process that she uses to create her own narrative performances, such as The Syrinx Project. Participants will leave with a better sense of purpose in their performance, whether it be a recital of standard repertoire or a brand new theatrical or multidisciplinary work.