The Syrinx Project

The Syrinx Project is a series of commissions for solo flute that tell stories of mythological women through contemporary lenses, ultimately telling the stories of the everywoman. 

In this 30-minute performance, Sorrell embodies her characters through elaborate movement and original text, with “the flute translating much of the rage, disdain, hopefulness, yearning, and more that stir riotously within Sorrell and countless other women” (Pittsburgh in the Round). The performance begins with Claude Debussy’s iconic flute solo Syrinx and then seamlessly transitions through three commissioned works by Theo Chandler, John Burnett, and Sato Matsui. Each work respectively celebrates and simultaneously mourns Syrinx, Caenis, Pandora, and Athena. 

The Syrinx Project was a featured performance at the Pittsburgh Festival of New Music in 2016 and was named Best Musical Production at the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival in 2019. Thanks to support from the Off The Wall Charitable Fund, Sorrell presented the project at Carnegie Stage in September of 2019 with new stage direction by Rachel Pospíšil and lighting design by Paige Borak. A pared-down version of the project will be featured at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention in February 2020.

Excerpts from the Syrinx Project will appear on Zoe’s upcoming solo album, My Own Route, expected in the spring of 2020.