My Own Route

“Sorrell’s work in My Own Route is so remarkable because it reclaims without compromising, while she uses the tools of oppression and sublimation to present a stunning, cohesive piece that attests to her incredible gifts and overwhelming intellect.”


The project title, My Own Route, comes from a poem by Puerto Rican artist and activist Julia de Burgos titled Yo Misma Fui Mi Ruta (I Was My Own Route). The poem starts: 

I wanted to be like men wanted me to be: an attempt at life; a game of hide-and-seek with my being. 

It ends with the ultimate realization, that we are nothing but ourselves, everything in ourselves, ourselves, ourselves, ourselves… 

It is this idea that has guided the curation of this project. The repertoire is a combination of pieces Zoe has commissioned that explore women and feminism and sex alongside pieces by incredible female composers from throughout history. The goal of My Own Route is to amplify femme voices, explore what it means to be female, and celebrate women in all of their nastiness.

The program includes brand new pieces by Daniel Felsenfeld, Sato Matsui, and Theo Chandler, the latter two of which are extracted from The Syrinx Project, a commissioning series that tells the stories of mythological women through contemporary feminist lenses. These pieces will share space with works by Anna Bon di Venezia (to be performed on Baroque flute), Rika Suzuki, and Katherine Hoover (to be performed on Hoover’s own flute). 

The album version of the project is currently being recorded at Carnegie Mellon University and will be available for purchase and streaming in the late spring of 2020.