Idea Incubation for Classical Musicians

The first online idea incubator course specifically for the classical musician

From daydreaming to living the dream…

You have a brilliant idea. It’s been knocking around in your head for months, maybe even years, and it makes you excited. It resonates. You’ve told friends your idea and they’ve told you you have to make it happen. You dream of running that ensemble, starting that nonprofit, getting your home studio or a new concert series off the ground, presenting a performance unlike anything ever seen before.

But you have no idea where to start. You’re not even sure it really is a brilliant idea. Didn’t you see so-and-so doing something similar on Instagram last year? And even if so-and-so isn’t doing it yet, wouldn’t they be so much better at doing it than you are?

Plus you have a job already, and shouldn’t you just be grateful for what you already have? And besides, who has the time?

And don’t even get me started on money. You’re barely keeping your cat fed, never mind the startup money required to convert your guest room into a studio or to rent a concert space or to pay an accompanist. 

This course is FOR YOU. The dreamer with the doubts. The super busy dreamer who has no idea how to start, or maybe who can start with no problem but doesn’t know what to do next. This is the first incubation course ever created specifically for classical musicians.

Why did you start this course, Zoe? Why, thanks for asking, bold and italic font! I started this course because, between teaching 60 students a week, freelancing with a bunch of different ensembles, and providing entrepreneurship coaching to a wide array of musician clients, I get to interact with a lot of different classical musicians every week. And one thing I’ve noticed is that classical musicians have amazing ideas! We all have these creative, brilliant ideas for new projects. And I want the world to get to experience those brilliant ideas.

In just six weeks, I will work with you to take your idea all the way from conception to completion. At the end of the course, your idea will be a living entity and you will have all the tools necessary to maintain and grow without me.

What you get:

  • Weekly group chats on Saturdays
  • Two private 1-on-1 chats with me
  • My personalized assistance for 6 weeks
  • Personalized feedback on all assignments
  • Indefinite access to weekly group chats and all handouts and assignments
  • Access to an incredible online community of classical music innovators
  • Weekly assignments catered to grow your individual idea
  • My indefinite support of your projects both off and online


Week 1- Preparation

We will share our ideas with one another, get to know one another and the course’s structure, and create a community of trust and vulnerability. We will flesh out our business/career ideas and begin a manifestation practice.

Week 2- Definition & Detail

We will niche down our ideas, identify the needs we are solving, and define our target audience. We will research our community and any organizations or artists that are doing similar or related work.


Week 3- Branding

We will learn how to identify the idea’s brand and figure out how/if it compares and relates to our personal brand. We will use this branding to begin to craft social media, website, and marketing plans.

Week 4- Goal Mapping

We will define what success means for us and our projects and will identify and set the goals that stand between here and there.


Week 5- Networking & Financing

We will build contact networks of those that can advise or assist and will discuss strategies for continued funding of our ideas.

Week 6- Execution

We will create organizational systems and utilize free online resources to create a flow of tasks and expectations. We will take our first real step to introduce our idea/project to the world!

Idea Incubation for Classical Musicians is Coming Soon!