Individual Coaching

Zoe Sorrell has established herself as an expert in music entrepreneurship and arts administration. As the founder of Pittsburgh-based new music ensemble, NAT 28, Sorrell was forced to quickly learn about branding, documentation, fundraising and grant-writing, event planning, PR and marketing, and graphic design. She believes passionately that American arts education as it stands now does not set graduates up for success as multifaceted 21st century artists. She has been an advocate for entrepreneurship programs in music schools and coaches individual classical musicians on the skills needed to succeed outside of the practice room. Zoe has been a guest lecturer on these topics at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Sunburst School of Music, the Cello Fury Rock Camp, and many chamber music camps, high schools, and universities. 

Zoe is now passionate about passing these skills along to other classical musicians and artists. She helps her clients to:

  • Build a personal website
  • Establish a social media presence
  • Define a personal brand
  • Write a resume, curriculum vitae, or cover letter
  • Engage and serve their communities
  • Find a better work/life balance
  • Get projects, business, and studios off the ground

If you are looking to take ownership of your career, Zoe will provide accountability, resources, and assistance, empowering you to continue this work on your own after your coaching is over.

To learn more about individual coaching, contact Zoe here. Make 2020 the year that you take charge of your career.